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Trevor is a showman who happens to be a world-famous inventor and top motivational speaker.

Trevor swam for Britain at the age of fifteen. At twenty, he swam for the Army and Imperial Services and became a Physical Training Instructor. He became a stunt man and in 1970 became "Rameses 11" performing an underwater escapology act in a Berlin Circus.

1982 - Invented and developed a range of products for the disabled
1991 - Developed the Clockwork Radio which was launched in 1995
1997 - Awarded the Order of the British Empire for services to Africa and the Presidential Gold Medal by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Featured in "This is Your Life" with Michael Aspel
1998 - Addressed the Conference of Commonwealth Ministers in Botswana for the British Council and was the Recipient of the Export Times, Exporter of the Year award for outstanding export achievement.
2000 - Invented the Electric Shoe, which charges a mobile phone battery whilst walking. In June, Trevor completed a 100-mile walk across the Namib Desert to raise money for the Mines Advisory Group whilst wearing the Electric Shoe and called Richard Branson from the middle of the desert.

Apart from at least 1000 articles in the broadsheets and several documentaries, Trevor has given many radio interviews and performed in several popular TV shows such as "The Generation Game" and "Collectors Lot". He also had a regular slot for inventors on "The Big Breakfast Show" He has also appeared in an advertisement for "One to One" which was very well received.

Trevor has been awarded the following honours:
The Paul Harris Fellowship -. Rotary Club
Master of Science, University of East Anglia
Honorary Fellowship Award, The University of Wales Institute
Doctor of Technology (Honoris Causa) The Nottingham Trent University
Master of Brunel University (Honori s Causa)
Doctor of Technology (Honoris Causa), Southampton Institute
Visiting Professor, University of Buckinghamshire
Master of Science, Teeside University
Honorary Research Fellowship, the School of Journalism, Cardiff University
Honorary Fellow, University of Wolverhampton
Honorary Research Fellowship, Cardiff University
Presenter of the Gold Standard Awards on behalf of The Duke of Edinburgh for His Highness' Award Scheme at St James' Palace on 8 December 1999
1999 Elected Pipe Smoker of the Year
2000 Golden Oldie of the Year and in the Guinness Book of Records
His biography entitled "Clock This" has been on the bestseller list.

Trevor lives on an Island in the River Thames and continues his tireless work to promote the concept of 'Personal Power' as well as his campaign to establish an Academy of Invention.


Trevor has been to a number of countries for the British Council lecturing on Invention, Innovation and the Clockwork radio. The aim of these visits was to showcase the UK's creativity to the general educated public, school children, students and inventors, together with local visits, radio and television broadcasts, and meetings with Ministers and V1Ps. He has been a great success with audiences and has attracted substantial press, radio and TV coverage for Britain. Attached below are some reviews from his visits:

Nicole McHugh wrote, "Mark (Fryar) was very pleased with Trevor's visit, especially with the amount of press coverage that he received. The BC also received a very appreciative letter from the British High Commissioner, Tom Young, thanking us for all the work we did during UK-Zambia week and making particular reference to Trevor's visit." Nicole McHugh wrote of Trevor "On an informal note, he really is such a character I think any country would benefit from a visit. I think a lot of people in Zambia will remember him for a very long time - me included!"

"I thought he was brilliant. Entertaining, spontaneous, disrespectful to himself and the British establishment and funny. It went down very well down here. You should try to use him more extensively. I think he did a first class job"
Dr Marcus Milton, Deputy Director Zimbabwe

Michelle Marsh, Science Officer wrote: "Trevor's visit was a major success and I hope he feels that it was worthwhile and not too draining! It certainly turned out to be a major undertaking from my point of view, what with a busy programme, all the media interest and frustrated inventors ringing at all hours to speak with him! With regard to Trevor's idea for the Academy of Inventors, this drew large amounts of interest in Australia, and I think Trevor has even sounded out a few local players to look at being involved in its formation."

Trevor gave a public lecture for the BC in June '98, as part of the Institution of Civil Engineers Appropriate Development Panel programme of events. It drew a 200 strong audience and a mention in The Times. You will probably have gathered from the above that the success of his visits rests not only on the potential for use of the radio but on his engaging personality, reflected in his choice of career path, which began as an escapologist with the Berlin State Circus. He is a great ambassador because people genuinely warm to his personality.

I think everybody was quite thrilled to hear him and found him a very powerful speaker. I spoke to Kartar the other day and he was amazed at how much energy Trevor could generate and how involved his audience became with him. Ambar also told me that they found him to be one of the best speakers we have had in the Council.

London Guildhall University
.... . Excellent and motivational lecture to our students... informative, inspirational, very insightful, highly professional and enthusiastic". October 2000

BBC Learning is Fun
It was one of the most successful we've ever organized and we couldn't have done it without you." October 2000

Rotary District 1100
"The response that we have had so far from the Delegates confirms that it was one of the best Conferences ever." March 2000

Rotary District 1120
"Very many thanks for your address to our conference last Saturday morning. Many delegates have said that you were the highlight of the programme." October 1999

Blake Lapthorn Challenge Lecture
"Trevor Baylis was very entertaining and thought provoking and compared favourably with his predecessors. He was excellent at making a serious point in a very 'wacky' way." June 2000.

Address at the Savage Club
"I should like to thank you for yesterday's performance at the Savage. I can't think when I've seen them all so animated by a speaker". February 2000

IMECHE Conference Keele University
"I am writing to further my appreciation for the most thought provoking and inspirational lecture I have ever had the pleasure to attend. I thoroughly enjoyed your most enthusiastic presentation and personally feel that our profession needs more engineers like yourself, and believe you to be a fantastic role model for engineers both young and old." April 1999

Science Museum
"As expected, all the staff and visitor feedback about the event has been very positive and it was certainly apparent that everyone attending found the topic (and speaker!) very interesting and entertaining." November 1999

BBC "Pass The Mic"
Your interview was wonderful, funny and very informative and kept the crew and audience very entertained. It's so refreshing to have a guest who can educate as well as entertain." March 2000

DATA Design and Technology Millennium Conference
What a wonderful lecture and a brilliant ending to our Conference. As you no doubt could tell, everyone found that you had a very clear set of messages and you substantiated the case superbly with examples from the past. Your sense of humour matched the quality of your presentation. I am greatly indebted to you for your valuable time but I can assure you that your audience found your message and style compelling." April 2000.

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